PEAK Recording studio

The ideal environment to better express your musical performance.

You can develop customized arrangements for your compositions or backing tracks for each genre directly in the studio or online.

Whether you are a well established band with a major label record deal or a home recordist looking to get your songs mixed and mastered professionally, by stumbling across Peak studio you just may have found exactly what you’re looking for.

The Peak Studio is ready to give life to your next production.

Book a recording session or send us your tracks for a mix/edit/arrangement online.

Phone: +39 349 5629 539


• DAW Pro Tools HD3

• AVID Audio Interfaces

• Wide choice of microphones

• Class A preamps

• Vocal and instrument correction

• Drum and percussions timing

• Phase correlation


• Tracks equalization

• Volume and automation adjustment

• Effects and spatializers

• Creation of stems for mastering


• Arrangements in any style of music

• String sessions

• Additional instruments

• Alternative and instrumental versions

• Remixes



• Removing hum and noise

• Ambience reduction

• Removing "clicks and pops"

• Frequency correction

• Multi-band compression

• Stereo and Mid-Side processing

• Volume maximization

• Creating continuity between songs



Peak studio Via R. Cartesio 29/12 42122 Reggio Emilia -ITALY  Phone: +39 349 5629 539       P. Iva 02687950358