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Marco "Simon" Maccari is a sound engineer and producer who uses the space of a studio as a tool for a natural extension of the creative musical process.

His ultimate goal is to reflect the emotions, the desired sound and the artist's vision of each project without standardized templates or pre-made sound settings.

He graduated from ITIS and studied at the Music Academy of Modena.
He attended the CEPAM of Reggio Emilia and deepened his studies in harmony and electric bass with Ares Tavolazzi.
At 17, he began his career as a studio and live bass player in Italy, Switzerland and Israel.


He has worked with the Black Box production team for the Groove Groove Melody label as a co-producer on House music.
He founded the company ZIIOZOO Productions with Francesco Terrana, creating about 50 House and Techno singles published on Sony Dance Pool, Wea, Expanded Music, Mercury, EMI, UMM, Media, Avex Trax Japan, etc.


In 19993 he reached #2 in the Japanese chart with the single "Beats Go" by Bass Expanders followed by "I Say a Little Prayer" performed by DM Johnson who reached the top of the charts in England, Belgium, Japan and France.


In 2004 he produced with Enrico Prandi a library of 30 sync tracks used mainly for the Tv program Oltremoda on channel 1 RAI.

In 2005 he started a collaboration with Andrea Bellentani releasing 5 albums and 2 remixes in Cosmic and Psych-Rock style for the British labels Bear Funk, Tirk Records and People in the sky, creating also orchestral versions performed by the Czech symphony orchestra PKF Prague Philarmonia.

In 2011 he worked with Cristina Pavarotti and Massimo Neri for the Italian label Sotto Controllo producing two albums for the actor/singer Danio Manfredini.

In 2015 he wrote 2 tracks for the film company VIVO Film.
In 2018 he published in collaboration with the producer Adrien  Alm 3 remixes of the track "Twerk" by the French rapper Vaskez Malakay.

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